Important Tools

Whenever you have doubts about the best way to translate a specific term, you can refer to the following tools. Since we want our translations to be in line with those of the WordPress itself, we also use some of the WordPress community’s tools.

  • Glossary: Our glossaries contain specific terms used in WordPress in general and within our plugins in particular. If you don’t want to look every word up, the glossaries are integrated with our translation interface and will mark words with connected glossary entries. 
  • Consistency tool: On, you find a tool that collects all translations for the same string available in plugins and themes available on Enter the text and select your locale to see all available translations for one word or sentence. Be critical when using this tool and always make sure that the text you choose can really convey the right meaning in your own language.

YITH Translate Facebook group: join our Translation community group on Facebook (if you haven’t done this yet) and ask your questions or ask for help if you need help for something in particular.